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Dr Benjamin James Sacks FRGS is a digital history fellow at Harvard University’s Center for History and Economics. An award-winning author, researcher, consultant, and public speaker, Sacks’s academic, policy, and public-engaged work spans the breadth of US-UK-EU historical and contemporary strategic issues, from urban planning and imperial/post-imperial studies to international broadcasting, soft power, geostrategic, and climate change affairs. Between 2013-18, Sacks worked on geostrategic and transatlantic affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School’s Liechtenstein Institute for Self-Determination. In 2017-18, he held a Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Fellowship; in 2015-16, Princeton’s inaugural Digital Humanities Fellowship; and in 2014, the Michael J. Connell Foundation Fellowship at The Huntington Library. Sacks is a permanent elected fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) and a 2009 national Beinecke scholar.

Sacks holds a Ph.D. and a M.A. from Princeton University, and a B.A. Summa Cum Laude from Tufts University. His work has been featured in History of Cartography, Geography Directions, Reviews in History, Blackwell Companion to World History, Oxford Handbook on the History of Consumption, Immigrant Entrepreneurship, and New England Quarterly.